#1: My First Blog Post...the Second Time Around...

I must admit it feels good to be back. For those of you who may remember, I started a blog a few years back but around April of last year, I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. It focused on fashion, beauty and Natural hair but I always felt like I was trying to compete with other fashion and beauty bloggers. I started worrying so much about page views and promoting my blog that my content suffered. It became more of a job and less of a hobby and a bit of a pain in the ass.

Not this time.

This is blog is a reflection of me and the things I like and enjoy, not necessarily what is trending and popular. I’m looking forward to updating my wardrobe, completing D.I.Y. projects, dining out at new restaurants, traveling and maybe…just perhaps…relocating…

I just want to enjoy life and experience as much of as I can…all while sharing my journey with any of you who care to join me :)

Oh yeah, today is also my 27th birthday. It was important for me to start my blog today regardless of whether I’d decided on the perfect color scheme or layout for shalandaleigh.com. Last year around this time I was so unhappy it was ridiculous. Today I’m so blessed to say that my life has done a complete turn around.

Plus, I thought that my birthday would be a cool date for a blog anniversary, don’t you?