#26: Retail Therapy: Ann Taylor Loft's Sunwashed Tank Tops

For years I've been addicted to Forever XXI and their "great deal" on basic items like the $1.99 tank. Well, is it really that great of a deal if they only last a few washes? The one that upsets me the most is the beige colored ones that become stained from my deodorant. Perhaps a bit of TMI but hey...just trying to keep it real.

A few weeks ago I stopped by Ann Taylor Loft looking for nothing in particular. I came across a table of basic t-shirts and tank tops labeled "Sunwashed." Inventory was pretty low and a manager standing nearby told me I better jump on the chance to grab one because they were selling out pretty quick. At first I was thinking he just wanted my money but then I thought again. It's just a basic, right? And they were 50 percent off? Y.O.L.O.

I grabbed two tanks: one grey and one white and off to the checkout counter I went.

Oh, how I regret I didn't get more!

Let's first talk about the way material feels. Sunwashed? More like Sun-kissed! Very soft on the skin. Great for dressing up or down. Last but not least, they have held up so well in the laundry after many, many washes. The water here in Jacksonville is beyond harsh so much that I have a filtered shower head in my bathroom. I wear these tanks almost weekly and they still feel like new.

I've been stalking the anntaylorloft.com site religiously hoping that more of the solid color tanks would become available but to no avail.

Le sigh.

But there are the striped tanks as well as tees in an assortment of colors. I just may partake in a few of those in the meantime.

What brand of basics do you love? Share in the comments below!