#42: Date Night in JAX: Thai Food, Spinning Fire & Chocolate Covered Bacon

Happy Saturday everyone! It's been forever since I've posted on Saturday.

Wait. Have I ever posted on a Saturday?

Anyways, last night was so much fun! Ryan and I take turns cooking weekly and preparing a meal Friday evening was the last thing on my mind. So when I received an email for a Groupon deal at a local Thai restaurant early that morning, I was all over it. Well, not immediately. I had to conduct a bit of research to make sure that I could enjoy the meal and still respect my gluten free boundaries. Turns out as long as you ask them to not prepare your food with soy or oyster sauce, you're in the clear!

The Groupon was $30 for $50 worth of food at Indochine at San Marco Boulevard. We studied the menu prior to us arriving so we were too prepared when the waitress came by our table:

Chicken Satay (ours)

Kaeng Woon Sen (ours)

Pad See Ew (his)

Panang Curry with Rice Noodles (hers)

Steamed Vegetables (ours)

Pad See Ew
Panang Curry.JPG

For your entree, you choose a level of spice on a scale from 1 to 6. I played it safe at a level 3. Hubby was more adventurous and chose level 5. We both agreed we could have chosen the next level up. But regardless, the food was amazing! My curry was the perfect blend of sweet and savory. Ryan had his eyes closed the entire time which meant he really enjoyed his food.

After stuffing our faces, we strolled down San Marco Boulevard and decided to enjoy the fire show for a bit.

Before heading back home we stopped by Peterbrooke Chocolatier. They had everything dipped in chocolate but the one thing I craved: strawberries. The visit wasn't a total bust though. We met a really nice lady who was curious but hesitant to try the chocolate covered bacon. Somehow my encouragement translated into me joining her in this challenge. The taste was interesting to say the least...

And with that date night ended with me heading back home with leftover Thai, memories of spinning fire, chocolate covered bacon and the cutest husband ever.