#6: TABOO Tuesdays: 10 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships May Not Be As Bad As You Think

I recall once making the declaration that I would never, Never, NEVER get involved in a long distance relationship. Relationships are hard enough, but could you imagine the stress once you add hundreds of miles of distance into the equation?!

Well, that's what I thought until Mr. BrownEyez came along...(insert young school girl blushing here)...No, this is not relationship advice nor am I trying to persuade you to love one from afar. I want to point out that my relationship hasn't always been easy but it is worth it. Trust me. Over the past months, I've realized several reasons why I am grateful to have experienced this long distance love.

1. Communication between the two of you is both tested and developed. - Remember the saying, "Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars?" Well, it's true. Mr. BrownEyez could tell me something and I will completely misinterpret everything he said and vice versa. It is because of this that we've learned to ask questions, several questions if necessary, to clarify any confusion. That doesn't mean we don't argue or disagree. It just means that we are learning how not to jump to conclusions in the middle of a conversation.

2. The foundation of trust is built. - In a long distance relationship you have two choices: trust each or don't trust each other. If you picked the second one, your relationship is pretty much over. Whatever Mr. BrownEyez and I tell each other, we believe it. This is an example of blind faith which is necessary in all relationships.

3. Ladies, you don't have to shave your legs as often. - What?! Don't look at me like that...

4. Football season?! I only know of Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. - Another score for the ladies :)

5. ESPN? Nope. Don't know of that either. - We are on a roll here...

6. Sex is not a distraction in the developing (or honeymoon) phase of the relationship. - I believe that we all, both men and women, have been there before. That Isley Brothers "In Between the Sheets" loving is so amazing and passionate that you fail to realize that outside of the bedroom, you really don't like the person. It's sad but it happens more often than naught. This isn't the case in a long distance relationship because the bulk of your relationship occurs via phone calls, text messages and Face Time. It was because of this reason I was able to get to know and fall in love with Mr. BrownEyez spirit and heart before...well, other things...lol...

7. Quality time is really just that, QUALITY time. - In my situation, Mr. BrownEyez and I currently live 300 miles apart with not the most accommodating work schedules. We manage to see each other about once a month for an average of two days. It may not sound like much to you, but for us those two days are like gold. It has taught both of us to not take each other for granted especially once this long distance comes to an end and we are under one roof.

8. One more for the ladies. You never have to worry about empty juice cartons in the refrigerator.

9. Conversations begin to get creative. - Because the usual "Hey! How was your day at work?" or "I miss you. What are you having for dinner?" can get pretty old pretty quick, we actually developed a book club between the two of us. It helps to not only stimulate conversation but allows us to get to know one another on a deeper level. We are currently on our second book and we love it so much that we have actually decided to continue this book club idea throughout the relationship and in our future marriage.

10. A proper courtship is able to play out. - Rewinding back to Reason #6, there are little distractions from learning about one another in a long distance relationship. Other than our once-a-month weekend getaways, Mr. BrownEyez and I don't play house (meaning that we won't live together (or any form of this) before marriage. I must admit that I have enjoyed receiving random romantic gifts and spending time with each other's families whenever possible. We are trying to do this thing as old-fashioned as possible.

Again, relationships are hard work. Although a long distance relationship may require a bit more effort, it is not to go without its perks. What are your thoughts on long distance relationships? Are you currently in one at the moment? Been in one in the past? Feel free to comment down below.

Mr. BrownEyez and myself. Photobomb or nah?

Mr. BrownEyez and myself. Photobomb or nah?