#16: M.A.C. is Like a Drug: Heroine vs. Pure Heroine (Swatches)

I have a horrible habit of checking Instagram when I first wake up.

Not for the reason you may think. Most of those I follow are make-up artists, bloggers and hair stylists. I love seeing fashion, color and snatched eyebrows early in the morning. It is to me what that first cup coffee is to most people.

I leave Facebook for updates on the family and my (sometimes ratchet) friends.

This one particular morning I awaken to see that M.A.C. Cosmetics has released a new collection. Usually this is no big deal as I am always late when it comes to these things and almost everything is sold out before I can boot up my computer. But this new collection, "M.A.C. Lorde" had me reaching for my wallet early in the A.M.! Why? Two words.

Pure. Heroine.

I admit not only do I have an addiction to lipstick, but anything of a purple hue is my kryptonite. I already have the original Heroine, which I absolutely adore, but reviews of Pure Heroine initially left me doubtful that this shade would live up to the hype of its predecessor. The most common complaint was that it was that of an "Amplified" finish instead of a "Matte." I couldn't care less. Just lightly apply a dark lip pencil (i.e. Nightmoth) all over your lips, dust a little translucent powder on top and BAM! It's now a matte lipstick. There are numerous tutorials on YouTube for this trick.

Finally received my new lipstick in the mail and I am not the least bit disappointed! More so a Fall/Winter color but beautiful nonetheless.

Heroine vs. Pure Heroine (blog).jpg
Lipstick Swatches (blog).jpg

Which shade do you prefer? What lipstick family is your favorite: reds, pinks, nudes, purples or oranges?