#48: Blog Roll Call: Devin of www.velmawho.com

When I first started reading blogs back in 2009, my favorite part were the Blog Roll features. It was a list of that particular blogger's favorite blogs to read. It was a great way to get better acquainted with bloggers by seeing who influences and inspires them.

Somehow, around 2012 blog rolls began to disappear. Why? I'm not sure but I'm here to bring them back.

The first blogger to make it to my list is Devin of www.velmawho.com. I must admit there is a bit of bias in this post as she is not only from my hometown of Belle Glade, Florida but she also lived across the street from my aunt and uncle!

Did I meet her in Belle Glade? Nope. Never knew her and vice versa. No, I met Devin during my training class for my job here in Jacksonville. What are the odds that two women who grew up in the same small town, in the same neighborhood both move to Jacksonville and get hired for the same job?! Crazy, huh? I call it fate. Devin is absolutely one of the sweetest people I've met in a long time.

With all that being said, you need to favorite this blog site ASAP!

She blogs about her daily life and writes from her heart. This type of blog is pretty rare in 2015 when so many are consumed with collaborating with brands and making money from affiliate links. Devin is definitely an O.G. of the blogging world. This blog is going places and I'm glad to shed light on this gem in a sea of wannabes. Check out her latest blog post by clicking here. Leave a comment and let her know Shalanda Leigh sent you.

Feel free to stalk her via social media:

www.velmawho.com (Blog) / AsToldByKev (Twitter) / drae103 (Instagram)