#49: M.A.C. Fix + Before or After Applying Make-up?

M.A.C.'s Fix + Spray is a cult classic of the beauty community. Kinda like the Ruby Woo of finishing sprays. At first I wasn't impressed by the YouTube reviews and felt no need to purchase this so-called "staple beauty product."

Well, that was until a few months ago when my older sister raved to me about how it keep her make-up looking fresh all day. So of course, with her recommendation I ran out and bought my first bottle. Big sister always knows best when it comes to make-up and all things pretty!

M.A.C. Fix + Spray

Like most ladies, I misted my face with the Fix + Spray after applying make-up. However, with the cooler climates of the autumn and winter seasons, it wasn't enough to quench my skin's thirst. The dry patches on my cheeks and forehead were unsightly and unexpected being that I have really oily skin.

One morning after applying make-up primer to my skin, I lightly misted my skin with the spray before applying my foundation. My mixture of M.A.C. Pro LongWear & MatchMaster never went on  more smoothly!

So to answer the question of should one apply M.A.C. Fix + Spray before or after applying make-up, here is what works for me...

Spring/Summer: Apply after to set my make-up look and to create a barrier between my foundation and the Florida humidity.

Fall/Winter: Apply before to lock in moisture and soothe dry, chapped skin.

What's your favorite way to use Fix +?