#55: Taboo Tuesday: I Don't Mind a Lil' Heat Damage

You read the title right. Don't get me wrong. I love my Natural hair, but my texture is sensitive. The slightest bit of heat, whether it be from a blow out or from a press with the use of a flat iron, can alter my texture. I can't remember the number of times I've had to "start over" with my Natural hair journey because of this.

And I use "start over" in the most loose manner possible. I've done the Big Chop once in my life, April 2006 to be exact and there is no way in hell I'm doing it again. I could care less of what's trending in the Natural hair community. When I say start over, I mean I keep my hair in protective styles for 6 months to 1 year without wearing my hair out. I usually opt for mini twists for several reason: easy to install and redo, allows for me to moisturize my hair daily, and blends my two types of kinky textures seamlessly.

However, with all the new changes in my life I feel like my hair should enjoy some switching up from time to time. So what exactly does that mean? That I will enjoy the versatility of Natural hair. Since moving to Jacksonville, I've worn my hair straighten three times, much more than the usual once a year press. Guess what? I love the change up!


From straight, to big curls, to protective styles I'm enjoying the many textures of my hair, even if times they may become a bit altered. Hey those slightly looser curls are easier to detangle anyways!

Now before you send the Natural Nazi to my door, know this...I was sooooo close to relaxing my hair. I had become so bored with my hair and its 4B state that I just wanted to give up. Without heat, I was unable to re-create certain hairstyles or really get to see my true length (shrinkage ain't no joke).

So if I have to sacrifice my kinks not being as tight and coily in lieu of the creamy crack, I don't mind. Who gonna check me boo?!