#50: Date Night in JAX: Two Movies and a Budweiser Brewery Tour

While I have traditional weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, the husband has Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays off from work. Usually this works out to where we have one day off together, but during high peak times, i.e. holiday season, Ryan has to go into the office on Saturdays. Not the dream for newlyweds.

However, this weekend Ryan promised me that this Saturday he was officially off and was all mine. Yay! So our usual Friday evening date night turned into a day-and-a-half fun fest.

Friday evening we purchased an $11 Groupon for $20 worth of food and drinks at Vino's Pizza and Grill. Neither of us had tried this place and we both craving pizza for dinner. I'd called ahead of time to ensure the restaurant has a gluten free crust and they stated that they did.

Imagine my disappointment when we arrived and was told that the gluten free option was location specific and that our Groupon was only valid at the one location WITHOUT the gluten free pizza crust. We sent a refund request to Groupon and made our way to Larry's Giant Sub where I knew I could get a gluten free sandwich.

With sandwiches in tow, we made our way home to spend time with our beloved Netflix and settled on this movie:

I won't give away any details, but if you love thrillers as much as we do I would highly recommend this movie.

The Mister fell asleep during the last fifteen minutes of the movie, which I must say where the most important of the entire movie, but he was called into work earlier that Friday morning. He had a long day and so I let it slide.

Saturday morning we began the day cleaning up the apartment, a usual part of our day off together routine. Had a light lunch at home and then headed out to the Budweiser Brewery for the complimentary tour.

We'd missed the 1:00 pm tour class by 15 minutes but was happy to take the self-guided option. The tour ends with a trip to the gift shop and then to the lounge area where you are given light snacks and two full-size samples. Being that beer has gluten in it, I took baby sips of a Cranberry Lime-A-Rita daiquiri while Ryan had his choice of two beers.


Next up was some shopping for the on-line boutique. I won't go into too much detail but, it's coming soon :)

We grabbed some pizza, Pizza Hut for him and Domino's for me. Three Redbox locations later, we decided to spend the extra cash four dollars and just rent this movie from Comcast Movie On Demand:

This movie gets 5 out of 5 stars. And so did our two day date night :)

How did you spend your weekend?