#116: McDonald's Breakfast and Childhood Nostalgia

Who knew a quick run to McDonald's for two sausage patties and a small coffee would have me fighting back tears?

Bruh...we are about to go down memory lane.

Growing up I remember every other Saturday spending the day shopping with my family. It all started with waking up early that morning to watch cartoons on ABC. Doug. Pepper Ann. Recess. You know, REAL cartoons. 

A quick shower later and we packed ourselves into my Aunt Frances' grey Lincoln. It would be my Mommy, Aunt Frances, Aunt Annie Ruth, my cousin Brian, older sister Tequilla and myself. As years went by, we got older and grew bigger, the Lincoln became a F-150 truck and we welcomed a new addition to the family, my younger sister Kayla. Tequilla went off to college and Kayla's car seat took her place.

I remember us always stopping at the local McDonald's in Belle Glade for breakfast before driving over to the Palm Beach Mall. It was a forty minute ride and eating breakfast in the car was usually finished before we reached Loxahatchee.

My mom and aunts and their obsession with McDonald's coffee! Every time I get a whiff of it now I can still remember one of them, who shall remain nameless, making loud slurping noises because she was too impatient to wait for her java to cool off. I usually asked for a sausage biscuit sandwich and ate each part separately. I would be so disappointed if they were out of strawberry jam because grape jelly was just too ordinary.

Clean up was always fun. Whichever adult sat in the front passenger seat was in charge of collecting trash.

Once we made it to the mall, we poured out of the car and into the mall. Store after store, we shopped until us kids got restless and were rewarded with Sbarro's pizza for lunch and a trip to the toy store. 

In 2001, our beloved Palm Beach Mall slowly began losing customers to the newly built Wellington Green Mall. We soon jumped on the bandwagon and our weekend family outings continued. When the kids became teenagers, trips to the toy store were replaced with visiting the music store to pick up the latest rap or R&B album.

The death of my mother. My aunt and cousin relocated to Georgia. I moved to Jacksonville. Kayla's in college. Although we may not continue to live one street over from one another, the memories are still there. Just as warm and fuzzy as ever.

How did you usually spend your saturdays as a kid? What family routines do you remember from your childhood?