#109: Soulful Sunday: Seven Things I'm Grateful For

#109: Soulful Sunday:  Seven Things I'm Grateful For - www.shalandaleigh.com

Man oh man! I haven't done this type of post in forever and I find that sad. In today's society there are so many distractions that we forget to see our blessings or thank the Big Guy above for them. I'm currently in a place in my life that I never would have imagined. Some good. Some not so good. However, despite it all I have to learn to be grateful for it all.

This past week had quite a few rough spots but here are a few of the gems:

1. Starbucks Green Tea Lemonade - Green tea is good for your metabolism. Lemonade is good for your...spirit? I don't know if that latter part is true, but I do know that this drink makes me feel refreshed and calm with each sip. Between this and my Smart water addiction, beverages may be the death of my bank account.

2. My 3rd period class - I gave a group quiz on equations and inequalities last week with an emphasis on absolute value inequalities. I just knew they were going to ace this assessment for two reasons: (1) It was the last concept I taught before the quiz and (2) There were fewer word problems than any other test I've given this year. Well honey they sure did prove that was a lie!

The first group to take the test were my "B" day classes: Periods 5, 6 and 7. Let's say I left school that day and had to take a 3:00 p.m. nap. The next day I was expecting the same with my "A" classes: Period 1, 2 and 3. But my last class of the day, 3rd period, came in focused and determined to pass this assessment. I damn near cried. Instead I get it straight gangster and rewarded them with cookies and candy the next time I saw them :)

3. Red, White and Blue Thrift Store - Well, in Jacksonville it's just called "The Thrift Store." I first went to one of these with my best friend S.P. back home. I'd just about gave on thrifting in North Florida and then decided to take a chance with this store.

It did not disappoint! I was in there for three hours and didn't even know it. I even had to limit the number of items I was going to purchase once I got to the register. My thrifting bug is back and I look forward to hitting up more stores on the West and Southside of Jax.

4. Pinterest - This week in particular my board, "Hair," has kept me inspired on this dreadlock journey. Sometimes I miss my loose hair and sometimes even having the *gasp* relaxed look. But by having a collection of brown beauties with locs of different lengths keeps me from feeling alone in a world of Brazilian bundles and Dominican blow outs.

5. Sex - What?! I'm grown! And married! No sinning here! *Insert Tina Belcher dancing GIF here*

6. Hot 105.1 FM in Miami - I get homesick. Still. Yes, I've lived here in Jacksonville for a year and a half now and I still miss the Muck. Radio was my homie when I lived alone and we've been kicking it a lot more these last few weeks. This station in particular is the best combination of old school, R&B and love songs.

7. My Entrepreneurial Spirit - I may not be the most consistent, but I'm dedicated. I have many hobbies. No. I have too many damn hobbies that keep me distracted, but I'm determined to connect them all and create a business from them. I've taken a few steps towards starting an online store called...ahhhhhh let's just save that for another post. Just know that the online store is just the beginning. I will open a brick and mortar store in a few years. Don't believe me? Just watch.

What are you grateful for this week?