#112: My First Jacksonville Fashion Show Featuring Meow And Barks Boutique

As you can tell from the title after a year and a half, "it" finally happened. And by "it" I mean that I got the opportunity to attend my first fashion show here in Jacksonville, Florida! I remember being on my lunch break one day and deciding to google "fashion show Jacksonville, Florida" to see what, if anything, would pop up. And to my surprise something actually did! I immediately purchased two tickets.

#112 My First Jacksonville Fashion Show Featuring Meow And Barks Boutique - www.shalandaleigh.com.jpg

My date for the evening was my husband of course. I kinda felt bad for asking him to go being that he'd worked a long shift up until two hours before the show and had to be to work early in the A.M. to do it all over again. But he knew how important this event was to me and wanted to share in my excitement.

Meow and Barks Fashion Show 2 - www.shalandaleigh.com

Perhaps I was a bit too excited because I didn't properly prepare to report back to you about this show. For one, neither mine nor Ryan's cell phone was fully charged so pictures and video footage was minimal. I also didn't reach out to anyone prior to the show regarding the elements of the show. And most importantly I didn't even take pictures of my own ensemble to show you guys! Ugh! Lol. I promise to do better next time.

Below is the ONLY clip that we were able to salvage. Please. There is no need to hate on the angle of the shot or the lighting. We're on second row status as of now. Give me a year or two and I will be sitting pretty on the first row of all the local shows.

If you're interested in shopping at Meow and Barks Boutique, visit them online at meowandbarksboutique.storenvy.com
 or in person at 1537 San Marco Boulevard Jacksonville, Florida 32207. Don't forget to tell them Shalanda Leigh sent you!