#65: Soulful Sundays: 7 Things I'm Grateful For

Soulful Sunday: 7 Things I'm Grateful For

This morning while at the gym, I watched this YouTube video while on the treadmill and thought I should share it with you all:

What I took away from this that we all have good and bad days. Stop allowing social media to make you feel as though everyone's life is perfect except yours. People will usually only post the highlights of their life so don't be fooled. Have a mini pity party, cry and then shake it off!

Ambrosia's transparency inspired me to get a bit more intimate on here on my blog. I've been wanting to create a weekly blog series of "7 Things I'm Grateful For" but was afraid of getting too personal on an on-line space. But then I remembered that there is a reason why this blog is called "Shalanda Leigh" so here goes nothing...

I'm grateful for...

1. ...the heart-to-heart talk I had with my younger sister, Kayla, yesterday. Lately I've been having a lot of my mind and didn't know who to talk to. Although our mother passed away eight years ago, each of my sisters and I carry many qualities of our mother. Kayla has that listening ear that is perfect for those times you feel the need to pour our your heart. Thanks baby sis.

2. ...treating my flu within the first few days of showing symptoms. I hate doctors so it took everything out of me to make an appointment to find out the reason behind my sore throat and cough. I've been taking Tamiflu ever since and feeling great.

3. ...the good news I received Friday afternoon regarding my career. I'd rather not speak on it too much now but instead wait to share once everything is finalized.

4. ....the news that fixing the air conditioner in my car will only cost me about $250. It may sound like a lot but trust me when I say it could have been a lot worse. Most automotive A/C repairs are in the range of $800-$1500.

5. ...a relaxing four-day weekend. My original plans were to go home and visit family, but the flu decided otherwise. I can admit I was a bit bummed out at first, but then I saw the blessing of being able to rest both my mind and body.

6. ...noticing that the weight I was losing was beginning to slowly come back. I'm not surprised. After getting sick during the Thanksgiving holidays, (I'd "gluten-ed" myself), both the husband and I fell off our workout schedule.  Don't fret! Your girl is back and ready to break a sweat!

7. ...the courage to right this post. Not all of my 7 items were, or ever will be, things one would wish for. Having to pay for car repairs or noticing I am putting on weight again are definitely not things I wanted to happen, but it is teaching me that even in times of trouble you can always view the glass as half full.