#59: From Unfiltered to #FLAWLESS: The Deception of Social Media

I had no intentions of writing this post. Not because I was afraid to do so but because its origin occurred out of the blue. It's no secret that most bloggers use editing software to make their pictures more appealing for their readers. I, myself, use picmonkey.com for the usual resizing, cropping and occasional increasing of exposure.

Somehow I stumbled upon the special effects features and with a few clicks of the virtual "airbrush," this happened...

Unfiltered to #FLAWLESS

Bruh? The hell?....You don't notice a difference? The picture on the left is untouched while the one on the right was "airbrushed."  My contoured and highlighted areas perfected. My foundation appears to be like buttah. Oh and the discoloration on my clavicle area ...a thing of the past.

While some of you may be impressed, I was actually frightened. I've known for some time now about the tricks of Hollywood and how celebrities are photoshopped and edited to perfection. But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine regular ol' people like you and I could access the same tools.

I have seriously second guessed every Instagram selfie and make-up before-and-after I've liked or aspired to replicate. Now I don't doubt that some of us actually look like they've had a sip from the Fountain of Youth, but many of us can't say "I woke up like dis." Most of what's in my feed is a product of filters and $2.99 mobile apps.

Did I hesitate on which picture to use for tomorrow's blog post? Yes, I did. I would be lying to myself and you all if I said otherwise. In the end, I decided to use the one on the left. I have on a face full of make-up for goodness sake! How much re-touching does one really need?! One more click and I would have turned in to Gabrielle Union...

P.S. If I ever decided to use any extra features of filters, I will most definitely include a side-by-side with the "real" me.