#68: Shopping Haul: Target & Ross

Shopping Haul February 2015

I blame Devin for this haul. You guys know Devin from www.velmawho.com. If she would have never showed up to lunch with this beautiful handbag, I would have not found it necessary to go to Target. I try my best to avoid Target like the plague. Not because I hate the store. No, it's the exact opposite. I HEART TARGET! So much so that I can never just walk in and pick up one item. Nope! I end up spending at least two hours each visit.

None of these items were on sale, so luckily for you they should be available at your local store.

P.S. The #Selfie clutch came from Ross not Target.

Mossimo Black Handbag
Selfie Clutch
Epic Weekend Hi-Lo Tank
Mossimo Flatbed Sandals