#75: Re-learning How to Be Alone After Getting Married

Hellllllooooooo beautiful people!

I know it's been a minute since I've lasted blogged, but how how do you like the changes? Cute, huh? I wish I had the cash to hire someone for a blog makeover, but the way my bank accounts are set up....yeah, I decided to do the dirty work myself. I'm no where near done but I think I've gotten off to a good start.

Sundays. The only day of the week that is bittersweet. It is the day the Lord deemed for rest and worship. But then again, Sunday is also Monday eve. Oh, how I loathe Mondays. Today I decided to do something different and get out of the house for a few hours...alone. While that may not sound like a big deal to some, it is for me.

When I was single and still lived back home in Belle Glade, my weekends were full of solo adventures. Movies. Dinner. Bumming it on the beach. Shopping. You name it, I was there. That all changed when I moved to Jacksonville last summer. Not the going out part, no I still do those things. It's just now I do them with my husband. As I should, I am married lol! Ugh! What I'm trying to say is that I forgot how to go out alone. So this afternoon I ventured out solo dolo...

#75 Re-learning How to be Alone After Getting Married - www.shalandaleigh.com

Stop #1: The Gas Station - Nothing exciting here. Just needed to fill up for the week.

Stop #2: Old Navy - I've been avoiding shopping for quite some time now. Partly because I need to save more money but more so because I just wasn't in the mood for the #DressingRoomChronicles. Large mirrors. Bright fluorescent lights. Bruh. I can so live without. But Ryan had a $20 off a purchase of $50 or more coupon and I needed new jeans.

I did my usual routine of circling the store twice picking up anything that caught my eye. A few dresses, a couple of shirts and two pairs of jeans. And then there I was. In the spotlight of the fitting room. Then IT happened. Well, actually the first of many a-ha moments as I tried on those first pair of jeans. I'm no longer a size 10! I'm now a size 8 again. After removing wheat from my diet and eating more clean, I've noticed my clothes starting to loosen up.

My second a-ha moment: My body isn't ALL bad. My boobs sit up pretty nicely. I don't have a Nicki Minaj, but my little cupcakes look nice in some hip hugging jeans. I even like my "tiger stripes" a.k.a. stretch marks. No, the only thing that bothers me is my tummy area, which leads to me my third and most profound a-ha moment...

After I tried on everything, I noticed that there is a size 6 body (really it's just the waistline that needs to catch up) waiting to breakthrough! It's my stomach that's holding me back. All this time I thought I was huge all over so I avoided malls as much as possible. Thank goodness I decided to face my fears and take a long look at myself in the mirror. This was just the motivation I needed to continue eating healthy and working out :-)

Stop #4: Starbucks. Sitting in this comfy leather chair with my laptop and a passion tea lemonade as I write this blog post. Time for me get completing these lesson plans before heading to Publix for a few things and then back to mi casa.


What are your thoughts on the importance of couples spending time apart?