#82: ConvosWithHusbae - Bed, Bath & Beyond

A kettle and a water dispenser. That's all I needed. Simple enough, right? Well, that's what I thought. After a hearty breakfast at Waffle House off to Bed, Bath & Beyond we went to knock this off my to-do list...

#82 ConvosWithHusbae - Bed, Bath & Beyond - www.shalandaleigh.com.jpg

We were greeted promptly after shortly arriving. The older gentleman showed us larger beverage dispensers that were more for a party or family reunion, much too large for our refrigerator. Once I explained we just needed something to keep water cool in our fridge, he came back with a dispenser with a filter for $39.99. Uhhhhh...no. I don't need a filter. I will be filling it with distilled water.

After hearing of several other (expensive and complicated) options, I began to get irritated and claustrophobic in the crowded aisles of Bed, Bath & Beyond. Luckily, Husbae, as usual, was able to remain calm remind me that this wasn't the store to buy what I was looking for. Whet?! This THE Bed, Bath & Beyond! If it ain't here, it hasn't been invented yet. And that's when he responded with the most logical shopping advice I'd ever heard.

"This store is filled with a bunch of crap no one really needs."


So I don't need this cast iron skillet that is specifically for frying one egg at a time? (*I hate eggs*)

But what about these caps for your toothbrush that encloses your bristles in a safe and sterile environment? (*I shall be returning those to the store later this week -__-*)

Although I did purchase a rather inexpensive tea kettle, with such a revelation I don't think I will be visiting that store anytime soon.

Oh, and about the water dispenser? Found what I was looking for at Wal-Mart for $7.99. Who knew? Well, I guess The Husband did.

*Kayne shrug*