#97: How Every Wife Should End an Argument with Her Husband

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You yell. He yells. A few swear words are tossed around. Then silence. You stare at one another like you're in a Midwest showdown waiting to see who's going to strike next.

Breathe. Deeply. Okay. Once more. Now smile, gently take his hand and lead him to the bedroom.


I know you're mad and the issue at hand may be severe in nature. However, now, more than ever, is the time to get closer to your husband. Women usually need an emotional connection in order to be intimate. When you're upset with him, the last thing on your mind is having sex. I get it. Trust me.

Oh and don't let that argument go unresolved for days, or even worse, weeks and you two still haven't knocked some boots! Now there is both an emotional and physical barrier that is slowly eating away at your marriage.

I'm here to tell you with all the compromising and never ending laundry, marriage is hard enough. The last thing you need is a cold bedroom.

The way the world is set up now sex has become such a common act that we forget it's true reason for existing. Watch a movie and there is bound to be a sex scene or two. Check your Instagram feed and the thirst traps set by women dressed with next to nothing are all over the popular page. Google the wrong phrase and you can end up on Pornhub.

Naw, bruh that was not God's intention for this intimate act. Sex was created for the marital union between a man and a woman (I'm sooooooo not opening this can of worms) to create oneness. It translates a deep love for one another that cannot be put into words. Such intimacy is actually a reward from God for joining together in such a holy and sanctified union.

Don't allow the Devil to steal this joy from your marriage. Put aside your differences  (for the moment at least) and have some...*insert brow wiggle here...fun. Rebuke Satan and enjoy this beautiful time with your husband. The argument can continue at a later time. I'm pretty sure after a round of love making you both will be thinking more clearly and able to arrive at a solution that you're both satisfied with.

Don't believe me? I challenge you and your husband for the next month to end every argument with some "bedroom yoga." It won't solve all your problems but I can guarantee it will leave you both a little bit more happy!