#87: When Christians Struggle: Faith & My Personal Test This Summer

I decided for the month of June I would study the Gospel of Mark using the Kindle version of Matthew: A Devotional Commentary by Leo Zanchettin. Although I just started reading, Matthew 1: 18-25 really struck a nerve for me. When Joseph learned that Mary was with child prior to their marriage, instead of spreading word all over town he thought to privately send her away. However, before he was able to so one of God's angel came to him and revealed that Mary was chosen to give life to our Savior. Joseph believed what he was told and married Mary despite his initial hesitation.

Now that's faith.

This summer will be yet again be another test of faith through was may seem to be a tough situation. Y'all pray for me.

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In my school district teachers have to electthe option of getting paid throughout the summer prior to the start of that school year. Being that I started teaching in March, I was not able to choose this option. Therefore, June 12th is my last paycheck until school resumes in late August.

Bruh. I ain't here for a unpaid summer vacation. (It's really not "unpaid" per say. My salary was just spread over fewer pay periods.)

In Palm Beach County it was the exact opposite. All teachers were paid throughout the entire year unless they decided to opt out of summer pay, but who would do such a thing?

Yes, I'm married, but Ryan and I have a lot of newlywed expenses and debt we are trying to eliminate by the end of this year. Yes, I have a savings account but I don't want to deplete it by the end of summer either.

I have faith that I will find a summer job that allows me to earn enough to get be through the next 2 1/2 months and still have time to relax. I have faith that even if my account does hit zero that it will be replenished ten times over once school begins in August. This, like every other trial, is temporary. God has my back.

So instead of focusing on money, I plan to focus on enjoying my time away from teaching and using this newly found free time to study more of the Word.

Is your faith being tested? Have you recently overcome a season of unwavering faith victoriously?