#93: The Power of Gospel Music

I remember being younger and listening to gospel music in the car during our weekend family shopping trips. Only gospel music. I'm talking about no local radio stations whatsoever. I didn't understand why we couldn't travel to to the tunes of 112 or the latest single from Trick Daddy.

Well, up until two and a half years ago.

I was in a really dark place at the time. It was then I decided that my only way out was to set my eyes on God and have blinders to everything else. No television. No newspapers. I read only books about being a Christian or a woman after God's heart. No secular music. Only Marvin Sapp Pandora blasting from my computer speakers.

And then I begin listening. Really listening. Not just to the melody or the tempo, but the actual lyrics. It reiterated everything I'd read in the Bible and in my Christians books. Yet, it was something about putting the promises of God and how much He loved me to music did my heart open up and I felt my depression start to melt away.

hezekiah walker#93 The Power of Gospel Music - www.shalandaleigh.com

To this day I make sure to get my share of Yolanda Adams, Hezekiah Walker and the such every morning. I even jam to the Mary Mary Pandora station in the gym to get me through my cardio workout. If I had a troubled day, I allow gospel music to play on low while I sleep to ensure a restful and peaceful night.

For those of who are wondering I do watch television now from time to time (HGTV and Pretty Little Liars) and I listen to rap and R&B again. Judge if you must. I love Jesus and Trap music. Sue me.

Does Gospel music help you during hard times? Who are your favorite gospel singers or groups?