#117: 2016 is the Year of Less

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Happy New Year y'all! The past month and a half has been a time of reflection and relaxation. I traveled home briefly for Thanksgiving and enjoyed a romantic getaway with the Hubby during my Christmas break. With only a day left of vacation I thought I would take the time to chat a bit.

2015 was quite a year for me. It took me a little time to adjusted to married life and living in Jacksonville, but I am so happy to say that what once felt new and out of place is now my new normal. This year I plan to have, use and eat a lot less of...well a lot of stuff. Let me explain.

1. ...Less meat... - Starting on January 1st I decided to limit/eliminate my intake of beef and poultry. If there is a vegetarian option on the menu, it will definitely be chosen.

I'm still partial to seafood and bacon (all other pork I can really live without), but I hope to limit/eliminate them from my diet as well . Am I saying I will never eat animal products again in life? Well, it's too early to say but I hope I can learn to live without them.

2. ...Less dairy... - I haven't had a glass of milk since I was about 6 years old. Yogurt makes my tummy ache. Cheese makes me feel bloated.

And although considered to be separate from dairy, I don't eat eggs. Ever. They taste gross, knowing what they are is gross and when I did try to eat them in the past I always doubled over in pain.

Sounds like I'm becoming vegan, huh? I think I prefer the term plant-based better.

3. ...Less stuff... - This includes clothes, make-up and everything else. I did a massive closet clean out last week and my make-up is minimal in comparison to two years ago. I've just realized when you surround yourself with the items you really love and use daily, you instinctively feel happier.

I know that sometimes it's hard to let go of things at times but remember you only have one body, one set of feet, and one face. So ask yourself "Do I really need all these clothes, shoes and make-up?" More than likely the answer is no.

4. ...Less noise... - If you haven't noticed, I've eliminated all of my social media platforms except for Pinterest, Google + and Facebook. The first two aren't going anywhere. I have to many inspirational boards that I pin to on the daily and I need Google + for my avid YouTube viewing.

Facebook is on the chopping block, however, but deleting my account makes me nervous. It's my last source of being connected to close friends and family. However, it is now a constant distraction for me just like Instagram was a few months ago. Ugh. Now that I talk about, logging out forever seems inevitable....

Okay. It's done. Two weeks from now this blog will be the only place you can find me. No more comparing myself to the accomplishments of others. No need to have people from my past reaching out to me. Nothing but peace and inner joy lies ahead. A bit dramatic, but *Kayne shrug.*

Some may call them resolutions but I think it's just natural progression that occurs in life.

What are your thoughts going into 2016? Any new changes on the horizon? I would love to hear from each and every one of you.