Trouble at the Gap?

Trouble at the Gap -

I remember in 2010 when all the high schoolers were rocking Abercrombie and Fitch or Holister polos. The brands allowed students to be in dress code while maintaining an "I'm so cool flair." However, nowadays (probably due to Instagram) both kids and adults are more about showcasing their unique styles. This seems to be causing trouble for stores, like Gap, that specialize in quality basics.

Confession. I haven't stepped into Gap since my early years of teaching. Not because I fell out of love with the brand but because I discovered I could find many of their pieces at my local Goodwill. I may stop by soon because I'm in need of a pair of khakis and the Gap has never disappointed when it comes to fit.

The article blames Zara and H&M for taking aware customers but I don't totally agree. When I think of basics, those two retailers don't come to mind. I more so think of Gap, Old Navy or JCPenny's, depending on what my available balance is looking like.

Are people dressing more trendy in the last 3 to 4 years? Yes. Again, I blame it on the rise of social media and fashion (not the same as style) bloggers.

But do I believe that the Gap is no longer needed? Hell no. We all know that fashion is on a constant wash, rinse and repeat cycle. Give it two more years and boring basics will be booming once again.