Every Woman Needs a Good Bra or Two...

Which is why I treat myself to new boob holders each year. I'd made a beeline for Nordstrom upon entering the mall but that pesky Victoria's Secret and all its sales entered my radar first. "I will just let them measure me," I told myself. Lately I had been feeling that my cup was over floweth so it was most needed. According to the VS sales associate I was correct and had gone up an entire cup size. Ugh. At least my bandwidth never changes.

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Breasts are overrated. Or I suppose some would say that I can say that because I don't lack in that department. Whatevs. Before I knew it my husband was easing out the front of the store while I was whisked away to a dressing room.

45 minutes and many try-ons later,  I walked away with 4 new bras and a free panty. There is nothing more satisfying than having nice under garments that fit properly. They are the foundation for your clothing to grace your silhouette with perfection.

I did make it to Nordstrom with all intentions of purchasing a few more bras. Why more? I only wear black or nude underwear. It may sound boring to some but it simplifies my life. All those purchased at Victoria's Secret were black so I figured I would browse the Nubian Skin line at Nordstrom.

For those of you unaware, Nubian Skin is a black owned lingerie line whose nude underwear caters to the various shades of African American women. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered the line is NOT available in my local Nordstrom! Seriously?! I will try ordering online, but I would have preferred to try them on in-store as bra size varies among different brands.

I did, however, participate in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Being that I'm working out more consistently now I picked up two sports bras. Haven't had one since I was a teenager! I've already worn them and let's just say that cardio is much more enjoyable when the tits are tamed!

If you're curious about what I purchased, click the links below:

Sexy Tee Demi Bra (Victoria's Secret)

Sexy Tee Demi Bra (Victoria's Secret)

Body by Victoria Perfect Coverage Bra (Victoria's Secret)

T-Shirt Demi Bra  (Victoria's Secret)

Body by Victoria Hiphugger Panty (Victoria's Secret)

Zella 'Rush' Reversible Sports Bra (Norstrom)