Retail Therapy: Mango's Fringed Jacket

Mango Fringed Jacket 1

I have been on the hunt at my local thrift stores for a suede fringed jacket for...hmmmmmm...about four years now. I may have to step outside my sustainable fashion box and purchase this lovely piece from Mango.

What makes this particular jacket unique is the lack of buttons and more an open cardigan type of vibe. It comes in three colors: chocolate (pictured below), ice grey and black. I would most definitely choose the chocolate for that Western cowgirl feel. 

The financial savings gods must be watching out for me because at the time of writing this post, this jacket in not available online. Nope. It's "coming soon" the website says. What a tease! It's all good though because I can just have them notify me when it is available for purchase.

*E-mail address submitted.*

Mango Fringed Jacket 2
Mango Fringed Jacket 3