Soulful Sunday: 7 Things I'm Grateful For (02/13/2018)


1. Pregnancy - I will never forget the wave of anxiety that washed over me when I saw those two pink lines. What was I afraid of exactly? Morning sickness. Stretch marks. Pains from childbirth. While some of my fears of pregnancy became a reality, most of them never manifested. Too vague, huh? I promise to talk more about those ten months in future blog posts. I have TOO MUCH to say about motherhood. I hope y’all will be ready to hear it all. 

2. My family - No one warned me how rough the recovery period is postpartum! Luckily my family stepped in to help in the most major way. They took shifts; some stayed during the day, others worked the graveyard shift. There was nothing they wouldn't do for Baby Ava and I. And to be honest, it was kind of nice to be around all of my family outside of holiday get togethers.

3. My students and work colleagues - From the time I announced my pregnancy back in August of last year, I was showered with nothing but love (and gifts!) at my job. My students consider Ava their little sister and my co-workers were so caring and thoughtful. My teacher-next-door and reading coach always stepped in to watch my kids on my much needed (and frequent) potty breaks. Oh and the surprise baby shower they gave me at work! It still brings tears to my eyes whenever I think of that day. Don't worry I will share that soon too.

4. My realtor - Can I just say Tony is the man?! The home buying process is not for the faint of heart, but luckily God sent me a real estate angel. Tony was patient and understanding through those three months. He was even encouraging whenever I felt like quitting and there were plenty of times I wanted to throw in the towel. He and his wife became so close to my family and I that I consider them to be Ava's adoptive grandparents. 

5. My health - A pretty easy pregnancy and no major complications during labor and delivery. Thank you Jesus!

6. My midwife and maternity nurses - From the epidural, problems with Ava's father to the four hours of pushing, I will be forever grateful for Kathy, Essie and Frances. Their constant support they gave me from the start of my contractions to the day we were discharged from the hospital is worth more than gold. It is amazing the things women can accomplish, such as bringing life into this world, when we come together.

7. Other people's consistent inconsistency - When relationships end often times you wonder if you made the right choice by walking away. Your mind constantly ponders if there was more that you could have done to have saved the relationship or if the two of you gave it another go would it be "better." But then as weeks, months and even years go by, you began to notice they continue to do the same bullshit that made you walk away in the first place. I wasted all of my 20's on three relationships. In each of those relationships I can admit that I stayed too damn long. A lot of my heartbreak could have been avoided if I'd just listen to my gut the first time things didn't feel right. Now that I'm in my 30's and newly divorced, I vow to never make that mistake again. The old saying of when someone shows you who they are, believe them is my new rule when it comes to relationships.