Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear x Loewe

Fall 2017 Ready to Wear x Loewe.jpg

Favorite Looks

The diversity of these three looks go to show you how much I love comfort when it comes to fashion. Whenever clothes drape off the female form in the first and third looks, to me it makes a woman appear even more feminine. I don't believe it's necessary to show off every curve of my body to celebrate my womanhood. The silhouette of the second look is also "comfortable" because the patchwork design can help camouflage imperfections so there would not be a need to tug and pull at the dress every time I move. 


Trend: Shoulder Detail

You could walk into any retail store, from Nordstrom to Forever21, and you could spot at least 5 pieces from this trend. I personally love the appliques but the deconstructed shoulders of dresses is also fun.


Trend: Polka Dots

It warms my heart to see this trend in colors other than the traditional black and white. The mixing of patterns and textures in the third look is genius!


Looks to Recreate:

Look 1 is just a matter of layering. Look 2 is a great way to transition a summer dress into Fall by adding a pair of trousers creating a perfect balance of feminine and masculine energy. The jacket in Look 3 is an easy thrift find if you care to venture in the men's department.


Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear Rewind:

If the Gap and Vogue had a baby, it would be this collection...


which look you would you try to re-create?