Kitchen Haul - Aldi Finds

The idea behind my blog is about experiencing the life you want regardless of your budget. One of my favorite places in my home is my kitchen. I’m no Gordon Ramsey, but I love to shake a pot or two. i can browse the kitchen tools and gadgets in Target for hours or watch QVC in amazement as they demonstrate the latest blender. If ever want to upgrade your kitchen with quality items that won’t break the bank, I would highly recommend shopping the weekly finds at Aldi.

Aldi? Isn’t that a grocery store? Yes it is. By far by favorite if we’re really being honest here. Not only do they have weekly specials of unique food items but also home accessories as well. Keep in mind that these items are only around for a week’s time so scoop them up as soon as you see them. However, it’s usually not a “once gone, it’s gone forever” type of situation. It seems that the items are offered (at least) twice a year.

Aldi Kitchen Haul 1.jpg

This cheese grater is so easy to clean!

I’m not sure how I survived life without a pair of tongs. They get used as least twice a week.

The ladle is in heavy rotation once I get into the groove of making chili and soup during Fall and Winter.

The spider skimmer is a must for nights when you’re making a small batch of pasta and don’t want to go through the trouble of dirtying a colander.

Aldi Kitchen Haul 2.jpg

THIS KNIFE IS EVERYTHING! It makes me feel like a chef every time I use it.

The mandoline is nice but I just can’t help but to reach for my Santoku knife instead.

Aldi Kitchen Haul 3.jpg

I’ve been wanting a wok since 2014. It’s literally everything I thought it would be. The even distribution of heat and the depth of the wok make it essential when making any Asian dish. It so easy to whip up a quick, toddler approved vegetable fried rice in less than ten minutes.

Paired with my Santoku knife, I am embarrassed to admit how much I enjoy chopping onions, peppers and fresh herbs nowadays.

Aldi Kitchen Haul 5.jpg

I haven’t used this yet but I’m hoping to use it soon. Pancakes maybe?