My Skin and Coming Off Hormonal Birth Control

Disclaimer: This post was originally written in October 2016. 

So y'all know I'm knocking on the door of 30 right? Yep! Last few months of twenties and just when I thought things were all good (getting curvier while slimming down, more wisdom when it comes to life, etc.) my skin decides to act up like an unloved step child! Why Lord? Why now?

Well, to be honest I know why. I went off the pill. For the past eight months I'd noticed that I would get sick most nights around 1am in the morning? At first I thought maybe I'm pregnant and experience some reversed morning sickness. Nope. The pregnancy test determined that was a lie. I thought my evening workouts were upsetting my tummy. Nope. Still was up early in the morning with stomach pains.

It wasn't until we moved to West Palm Beach that my husband asked if the culprit could be my birth control pills. Naw. I've been on the same pill since college. Wait but I also grew up being able to eat bread and now I'm restricted to a gluten free diet...So I started to pay close attention to when my episode would occur.

For quite some time I've taken my pill in the evening or right before bed. But around mid-July I noticed on nights when I would skip the pill (by accident of course!) I would sleep fine. But if I popped one around 9pm I would be up by 2am battling waves of nausea.

So after my last "birth control monthly cycle" I stopped cold turkey. Two weeks later the breakouts of my chin started. First it was more so of ingrown hairs on the sides of my lower jaw. (Don't pretend like you don't have to pluck a few hair from your chinny chin chin.) The last week has been extremely rough with two of those tiny, cystic bumps that hurt like hell.

I'm updating my skin care routine as we speak. It's either that or I go back on the pill. That's my last resort as I am trying to clean up internally and rids my body of all synthetic hormones and harmful chemicals. Wish me luck as I've already purchased a few items that I can't wait to try.

Groupon x Ocean Oasis Massage & Spa: My First Reflexology Massage

Disclaimer: This post was originally written in October of 2016.

Just because you're living on a budget doesn't mean you can't pamper yourself. It's all about making the most of your discretionary income. For me, that's  exactly where Groupon comes into play. Groupon allows you to treat yourself, travel and create experiences without breaking the bank.

Last week there was a 25 percent discount on all Beauty and Spas services. I purchased quite a few ranging from mani/pedis to massages. The first to be redeemed would be at the Ocean Oasis Massage & Spa. The deal was a 50 minute reflexology massage with one upgrade for only $37! Can we say score?!

Located in Lake Worth, Florida the Ocean Oasis Massage was easy find with the use of my GPS on my phone. Being that the establishment is a renovated home turned spa was quite unique. Inside the kitchen area was the front office and waiting area. The living room consisted of a row of massage chairs for hand and foot services. The bedroom were reserved for full body massages and facials.

I arrived about 45 minutes early and happy to hear that my massasue was willing to take me upon arrival. As instructed I sat on a cushoned stool where  I soaked my tiny feet in a warm foot bath with what I believe was epsom salt and welcomed a much needed shoulder and back massage. 

Next I was asked to moved to the plush leather massage chair where I quickly found the setting of my liking. My upgrade, a salt scrub, came before the reflexology massage. I was forewarned that if the scrub was too abrasive to let my massaseu know. I found it more effective but not as gritty as I would have like.

The massage itself was absolutely heaven. Growing up I never liked for people to touch or look at my feet. Not quite a phobia. More so an annoyance if I had to label it. But in my eight years of teaching I welcome anyone willing to silence my barking dogs. 

I believe in the healing properties of massage therapy but was skeptical of reflexology. This experience definitely made me a believer in all aspects of this ancient medicine. There were pressure points that were stimulated and I could even feel as he worked out knots of tension in my soles. 

When the massage was over, I felt so relaxed that I had to take a moment before driving home. The walk to my car was as though I was walking on air. Like someone has removed dead weights from below my ankles.

Would I recommend the Ocean Oasis Massage and Spa to any in Palm Beach County area? You better believe I would. The atmosphere was both warm and inviting and my massage therapist was very kind.

FYI: When leaving tips for your massaseu, the perferred method is cash or you can use the in-house ATM (I don't have time for ATM fees).

and no. This is not a sponsored post. I wish it were but as of today, neither Groupon nor the Ocean Oasis Massage & Spa know anything about The Blogger Next Dior.

My Favorite Mascara Combination

Shalanda Leigh Brisbane.jpg

My favorite facial feature are my eyes. When I first got into wearing make-up eye shadow was always the first thing I would reach for. A few years later and eyeliner became my new thing. But now? It's all about mascara. I'm talking "Diana Ross in Mahogany" full lashes look. I want to dabble into false lashes but for now I found a mascara duo that gives me life on the daily...

Does it suck to have to spend over $40 for this effect? Yes, but then again I only purchase mascara every three months. Then when you incorporate that I use them 5 to 6 days a week, the cost per use is pretty minimal.