#13: Well Dorothy, You Sure As in Hell Ain't in Kansas Anymore

It's been about a week and a half since the big move. What. An. Emotional. Rollercoaster.

I've laughed. I've cried. I've smiled until my cheeks hurt. I've second guessed myself and the decisions I've made.


Had this been any summer vacation prior I would be addicted to frozen pizza, Netflix and P90x. But because this familiar season is no longer quite the same, I feel a bit lost. Remember the first week of college freshman year? You were so excited about the new friends you were going to make and the adventures that would soon become vivid memories. That's how I feel now. Hanging onto parts of the past...wondering nonstop about the future...not quite enjoying the present moment.

Will I remain in education teaching secondary mathematics? Or will I get a job in another industry that will make my "job" feel more like a "career?"

I have an entire apartment to decorate. This includes buying my own furniture. A definite first.

My husband is the complete opposite of me. Something I knew years ago but it becomes more evident now that we are under the same roof.

I need to find my balance. Something I haven't honestly had since my days at Florida State (Go Noles!).

Maybe I should start with making use of my planner and creating a vision board....

I'm done rambling...

For now that is...