#105: Retail Therapy: Latest Finds at Aldo's

Retail Therapy posts are my absolute favorite! Although I'm focused on (1) eliminating all sources of debt and (2) living a more minimalist lifestyle, a girl can dream! So instead of breaking the bank, these types of blog post allow me to shop with my eyes and still have money to pay the rent.

I don't shop for shoes that often because I have really small and narrow feet. However, Aldo has special sizes for both smaller and larger feet women. Oh and their accessories are always to die for. Here are some Fall essentials that would spice up any wardrobe.

#105- Retail Therapy -  Latest Finds at Aldo's - www.thebloggernextdior.com.jpg
Aldo Shoes - Kandy - www.shalandaleigh.com
Aldo Shoes - Noresen - www.shalandaleigh.com

KANDY, $130.00

NORESEN, $45.00

Aldo Shoes - Unenan - www.shalandaleigh.com
Aldo Shoes - Anakardo - www.shalandaleigh.com

UNENAN, $85.00 (at the time of this post on sale for $42.50!!)

ANAKARDO, $55.00

Aldo Shoes - Berretti  - www.shalandaleigh.com
Aldo Shoes - Svestka - www.shalandaleigh.com

BERRETTI, $45.00

SVESTKA, $45.00

Aldo Shoes - Arowana - www.shalandaleigh.com

AROWANA, $40.00