#98: The Most Important Thing to Do to Become a Better Blogger

#98 The Most Important Thing to Do to Become a Better Blogger - www.shalandaleigh.com.jpg

I've read countless articles about how one can go about creating profound blog content. Brush up on your grammar skills. Find your niche. Connect with your readers on social media. Comment on other blogs.

Those are all great but they have all seemed to overlook the most important task...

...to write...and to write often.

By write I mean putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Every blogger should set a goal of writing daily. If a blog post strikes you a random moment, grab the nearest writing instrument and jot down the post as it flows or list key concepts you want to discuss. I cannot tell you of the many times I had a wonderful post brewing in my head only to forget it later on once I'm in front of my computer.

Take heed that "write" and "publish" are not synonymous in the context of this blog post. Writing allows you stop holding hostage potentially great content in your skull and giving those words freedom to dance on paper.

I am guilty of not writing enough not only due to letting an idea get away from me, but also due to a great sense of fear. Afraid that my thoughts won't be cohesive or that the topic won't mesh well with my brand. I even get nervous that I won't find a blog post image to capture my target audience.

I've come to learn though that all those thoughts are full of crap. Take for example my last blog post and how my "Just Write It" attitude kicked into full gear. My husband and I were in the middle of working out when a disagreement from home just so happened to have followed us to the gym. I abandoned my elliptical mid-cardio session and went to go sit in the car. I had every intention of driving back home and leaving him stranded. Oh yeah, baby! Mama was MAD!  But instead of being petty, I prayed and started writing out my feelings in the notepad app of my cell phone.

It wasn't until weeks later that I stumbled across that note and saw the foundation for a really great write up.

Now do you see why it's so imperative to just write what comes from your head and heart? You never know the potential of the words or the people it may affect.

Still not convinced? Check out my homegirl Dara's blog post "A Message to Black Men About Rape and the Bill Cosby Debacle TW." She admitted to almost not writing this post and guess what? It was re-tweeted by Rosie O'Donnell. Bruh! Rosie O'Donnell!