Rants & Ramblings: #TeacherLife, New Workout Routine, Natural Hair Woes & Possible Veganism

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Can I just say what's on my mind and heart right now? I mean...please?

I'm tired as shit and I'm feeling quite overwhelmed. Two weeks ago I turned 29 years old. Grateful to see another year but I would have been even more grateful if I would have been able to stay home from work. Instead, I administered the P.E.R.T. test to my students over the span of 2 days. 41 out of the 62 students passed with a 97 or higher.

Oh yeah....your girl brings the results.

To think I was in the clear for the rest of the school year, administration decides to switch things up and give me two new preps (courses)! So in addition to Algebra I Credit Recovery, I now have Geometry Honors and will soon have some sort of Business Education course to teach as well.

I'm also enrolled in two on-line courses I have to complete for an ESOL endorsement. There are 5 courses in all and so far these first two have left me bored to tears.


In other news, I started a trial run of my new workout regimen this Sunday. What I mean by a trial run is that I had my husband walk me through several of the machines/exercises that I wasn't familiar with. I made it through my entire Back & Glutes regimen and felt like a million bucks. Well, until I woke up Monday morning. Soreness is on fleek. I mean every movement is a struggle.

And the worst thing about starting a new weight lifting program after being strictly cardio for months? The initial weight gain. I'm not new to this. It happens anytime I resume a strength training regimen after a prolonged break. Here is a great article that explains the why this occurs.

This is always the absolute worst phase! But who else can I blame other than myself for having to start over yet again? This time I plan to stick with it and push through. Before if I missed one day I would feel so guilty that I would wait until the start of a new week for a fresh start. My issue with perfectionism is real. Not anymore though. If I happen to miss a day, because life does happen, I will just pick up where I left off according to my workout schedule.

I need my locs to grow and to grow fast! I feel like I did the Big Chop all over again! It's at that awkward length where it's not considered short but not long enough to do anything with it.

I have my moments where I miss my loose Natural hair but then I recall the hours I would spend washing, detangling and styling my hair every three weeks. Oh and let us not forget having to protect my hair every night. Preserving a twist out was a headache and a half. I'm just going to have to suck it up and be patient because having locs gives me so much freedom to just get up and go.

And I am trying to give up animal products. As of now I shy away from poultry and red meat, but occasionally have a piece of bacon or seafood. Also I've started going through my cosmetics and cleaning things up slowly. Nothing too drastic because I see every step, no matter how little, as progress.

Okay. That's all for now. Off to have a warm shower and a glass of wine. I plan on counting sheep by 8:30 p.m.