Retail Therapy: Everlane's Modern Day Oxfords

It's been a while since I've posted a "Retail Therapy" post. When I sat down to work on this post, it suddenly hit me. I never really explain the purpose of my on-line shopping hauls.

They never really occur.

No. Seriously.

My on-line retail therapy is all imaginary. My husband and I are both educators. Y'all know we ain't ballin'! Instead I like to show pieces that I believe are worth the price and place in my wardrobe. If I had the budget to buy these items I would. But for now while I'm learning to live more minimalist (while focusing on becoming and debt free and building true wealth), I still plan to (pretend) feed my shopping habit.

Now onto the fashion...

These shoes! What can I say about them that isn't obvious? I guess I'm on this androgyny kick since lately prefer sneakers over heels. The rich burgundy color screams Autumn but this pair could no doubt become a closet staple year round.

I'm very intrigued about Everlane's business model and curious about the quality of their items. Therefore, be prepared to see more retail therapy (and hopefully) shopping posts from this brand.