Haulternative September 2017

Haulternative September 2017.jpg

With the current state of my ever expanding waist line, I think I will hold off shopping for clothes, retail or thrift, for a few more months. Instead I will stick to accessories, an area of the store I usually avoid. Nothing really ever catches my eye or if it does then it's damaged in some way. Well not on this day! What brought me in was a jewelry sale which is rare for this particular store. I was also surprised to pick a new handbag since I'd just recently did a round of closet clean out.

Haulternative September 2017 2.jpg

Embroidery. Couch florals. Whatever you choose to call this trend this Fall/Winter season, I am so into it. It's funny that whenever 

This bracelet is an amazing layering piece. Remember when arm candy was all the rage? Well, I wouldn't go too bangle crazy with this. Perhaps just one or two other minimalist bracelets in the same yellow gold family would do.

Haulternative September 2017 3.jpg
Haulternative September 2017 4.jpg

Does this bracelet not give you "Tennessee....whiskey...Stevie Nicks" vibes?! Ugh! I'm just so in love with it. Being that this is such a statement piece I would pair this with something low-key like a white tee and boyfriend jeans or even a simple LBD and booties.