Product Review: Pearlessence Mint and Bamboo Tonic Water

Pearlessence Mint and Bamboo Tonic Water -

If you ever want to try out new skincare products that are budget friendly, I would recommend hitting up your nearest TJMaxx.  A few months back I was intrigued by the Pearlessence brand because of its minimalist branding. I purchased a cleanser, facial spray, make-up remover oil and mask. In the next few weeks, I plan to review all of the products, but I had to share with you today my favorite of the four: the Mint + Bamboo Tonic Water.

Remember when I told y'all I used to be skeptical of facial toners and sprays until one day I came to my senses? What made me curious about this product from Pearlessence was the combination of mint and bamboo. Unaware of the benefits of either ingredients for the skin, I thought it would at least be a pleasantly fragranced setting spray for my makeup. 

Thank goodness I gave this a try! It was love at first application! I knew it was the tonic water that made a difference in my skin that day because all the other products I used were the same. I applied my moisturizer while my face was still a bit damp and it just melted into my skin. That's something that had never happen before and I'd been using this particular moisturizer for over a year. 

Both mint and bamboo have several of the same benefits for the skin so it's no wonder why this product is so amazing. Both help reduce the appearance of acne scars as well as treating (and preventing) acne as they both are mild astringents. They also help to slow down wrinkles due to their ability to hydrate the skin with antioxidant properties.

I've gone through one and half bottles and have two back ups. This tonic water isn't at every TJMaxx I've visited and is not always in stock in the stores where I can find it. If you ever come across this while out shopping, it's a must that you give it a go. I promise you won't be disappointed!