Style Inspiration: Culottes

I’m pretty sure this style of pants is a fashion don’t for someone petite like myself. (I’m 5’ 0” for those who didn’t know.) But this is just one of those times that I will have to throw both caution and fashion rules to the wind and go with my gut. I think I can pull off this look without shortening my already short frame. The key to pulling off this style of pant are shoes with a pointy toe or an ankle detail.

Wide Leg Cropped Pants 1.jpg

Take the first two looks. Both office appropriate and paired with pointy toe shoes. This type of shoe helps to elongate the feet which keeps the looks from appearing frumpy.

Wide Leg Cropped Pants 4.png
Wide Leg Cropped Pants 8.jpg
Wide Leg Cropped Pants 6.jpg
Wide Leg Cropped Pants 2.jpg
Wide Leg Cropped Pants 7.jpg
Wide Leg Cropped Pants 3.jpg

The other six looks are all about detail around the ankle, be it a strap or the shaft of a bootie. As long as the pants hit two to three inches above the ankle it’s okay to break up the look in these proportions.

I found a pair of wide leg cropped trousers last week in Goodwill and I am so excited to wear them! Follow me on Instagram @bloggernextdior so you don’t miss out seeing them and the entire look.

Would you rock wide leg cropped trousers?

If so, would prefer to dress them up or down?