#37: Taboo Tuesday: Chris Brown, Bitchassness & Social Media

They broke up. Again. I believe that this is for the 432nd time but who's counting?

This post isn't to past judgement. I was once victim of that "We Break Up to Make Up" type of relationship cycle. Thank God I left that headache for good and am now happily married to my best friend (Heyyyyyyy Ryan)!

Chris Brown and  Karrueche Tran Break-up

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No. I'm here to discuss how Mr. Brown handled the situation in the public eye. He took his feelings to social media. Really, Chris?! How often should we expect an Instagram rant from you? I was just about to forget your last verbal attack on Tamar Braxton and Adrienne Bailon, but nooooooo you just had to get your panties in a bunch on the IG.

Before the "stans" even think of saying that I am denying a man the right to be in otuch with his feelings, trust me when I say I'm not. I believe that everyone should embrace their emotions and express them in a healthy manner.

Instagram, or any other social media platform, however is not the place.

To air your dirty laundry (someone else's) on Facebook or the like is bitchassness. Period.

Egg their house. Prank call their phone and leave "Yo mama..." jokes on the voicemail. Do whatever it takes to get out your frustration but do no have take it to your Twitter feed!

And this advice is not just for those of celebrity status. This blog is for anyone creating direct or subliminal statuses while they are upset. Talk it out with your bestie and spare us the dramatic events of your life. Please.

Just my thoughts...