#38: Why This Christmas Tree is the Best Christmas Tree Ever

To you this may look like just an ordinary tree but to me there is a story behind this mash up of artificial tinsel, lights and glitter. As you all know Ryan and I recently got married May of this year. With the move and my changing of careers, financials funds are a bit limited in the discretionary category. To save a few dollars we decided to forgo decorating for the holidays and tackle the our newly acquired furniture debt.

Well, that's what I was led to believe until he came home one afternoon (about two weeks ago) with the best surprise ever: a pre-lit artificial Christmas. He knew that I wasn't a fan of real pine trees. Boy did the tears start flowing!

But wait...the story gets even more sentimental and mushy :)

Brisbane Christmas Tree 2014

Fast forward to last Friday when we went shopping for Christmas decorations. Yeah, it really did take us that long to purchase ornaments. While we were out we shared stories of past Christmases and family traditions.

I told him about when I was around 4 years old and how I would sneak and eat the candy canes off the tree whenever my Mom wasn't paying attention. Of course she was always paying attention and I was told not to eat the decorations but what kid could resist a tree that grew candy?!

Fast forward to last night. I came home from work and decided to take him out to eat at his favorite sports bar, Buffalo Wild Wings. I didn't even come upstairs after arriving home. Ryan met me downstairs and we set out for an evening of laughing and 50 cent wings.

So imagine my surprise when I finally walked through the door of our apartment to see our first Christmas tree covered in peppermint candy canes!!! I swear whenever I think he's not paying attention, he does sweet things like this to prove me wrong! After losing my mom eight years ago to breast cancer, to have a piece of a holiday tradition from my childhood brought back to life...I can't even put into words how good it feels.

To put the icing on this already disgusting heartfelt tale, check out the preview of our Christmas day hats below.

Yep...I think our first Christmas as husband and wife is going to be one to remember.

Brisbane Christmas Hats 2014