#92: My 2015-2016 Teaching Assignment

#92  My 2015-2016 Teaching  Assignment - www.shalandaleigh.com.jpg

Geometry. Oh, what joy.

Yes, that was 100 percent sarcasm. It's not that I hate geometry, but my 10th grade experience did leave a bad taste in my mouth. My teacher, Mrs. S, was quite the instructor to say the least. We were forced to memorize postulates and theorems verbatim and were quizzed on them weekly!

Problem after problem of completing proofs and justifying congruency was enough to make your head spin. As a person she was really sweet, but I could not wait for June to arrive signaling the end of what felt like "Geometry Boot Camp."

Fast forward to my second year of teaching. Now mind you before we left for summer break, I was told by administration that I would be teaching six sections of Algebra I. So imagine my surprise after two and half months of planning when I saw my class schedule in August. Not only did I have five sections of Geometry, one of which was honors, but they threw in a section of Algebra II for kicks. Luckily, I made it through the year unscathed.

So you see why I'm not so thrilled about the upcoming year with surface area and similar polygons? For the sake of my students, I'm going to stop sulking and start preparing. I'll use Khan Academy to brush up on my knowledge of chords and arcs and use Pinterest to design a template for my interactive notebooks. This will be one math filled summer!