The Ultimate Green Alternative to Make-Up Wipes

The Ultimate Green Alternative to Make-Up Wipes-2.jpg

I am always looking for ways to reduce my ecological footprint. Take in consideration my obsession with second hand clothing and slow fashion as an example. After watching a few eco-friendly YouTube videos, I decided to try out reusable make-up cleansing cloths. The one most beauty gurus were raving about had a hefty price tag of $20…for one cloth. Ummmmm, no thank you. Here at The Blogger Next Dior it’s all about looking expensive without being expensive and that goes for beauty products as well.

So off to Google I went looking for a comparable product at a lower price point. Luckily I found the S&T Always Off Makeup Cloths which had very positive reviews and high ratings. An assorted 3-pack of cloths for less than $3.00?! I’ve never submitted an online order faster.

Now for the real test? Do they work well removing make-up? Better yet, can they erase your mascara without sacrificing your lashes? Well, the answers are yes and yes! I’ve used two different brands of micellar water and the cloths worked well with both The microfiber material seems to also have a gentle exfoliating property that allows me to take a day off from using my facial scrub.

If you’re in the market for reusable make-up wipes I would highly recommend the S&T Always Make-up Cloths. Such an easy way to make your beauty routine a little more green!

What are you eco-friendly beauty favorites?