The End of People's Style Watch

End of People StyleWatch -

Y'all. I can't. I just can't. Remember when Lucky Magazine closed its doors? It was a sad day for fashion magazine readers everywhere. Now here we are a few years later and I now have to adjust to life without People's StyleWatch! My love for that magazine was rooted in it being geared towards shopping more affordable brands mixed with celebrity looks.

I understand that blogging and social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are giving traditional print a run for their money. Times are changing. I get it. But some of us, apparently not enough, still enjoy flipping through the glossy pages of the latest issue of our favorite fashion magazine.

Le sigh. I will regain my composure for now and make sure my subscriptions to Instyle and Marie Claire are up to date.


are you sad to see People's Stylewatch go? What's your favorite fashion magazine?