#46: Goodbye 2014: The Year of Change

Goodbye 2014

Thank you Lord for allowing me see the end of another year. 2014 was a year of blessings and change. I want to take the last day of the year to recap.

On January 19th I launched this blog www.shalandaleigh.com after closing down my first blog, www.candycoatedcashmere.com, and withdrawing from all social media for eight months. I'm enjoying the freedom I'm allowing myself this time around and I see this blog being around for a long quite a while.

After my last break-up in 2013, I gave up dating and prayed that the next man God brought into my life would be my husband. May 19th of this year I married my best friend.

I am originally from a small, rural town in Palm Beach County. Growing up there was great because I have a nurturing family that kept me on the right track. But when I had no other choice but to move back home after graduating from college in 2009, I thought I was going to lose my mind. But again in 2013 I declared that would be my last year in that town. June 2014 I became a resident of Duval county.

Trust me when I say Shalanda loves the kids, but teaching just wasn't for me. The constant correcting of behavior and grading papers left me unsatisfied and frazzled. September of this year I left education and joined the ranks of Corporate America.

And just last night I took the plunge and bought another website for my online boutique I've always wanted. More to come on this soon as it is still a work in progress but it feels amazing to get the ball rolling. For any of you out there with dreams and goals, go ahead and reach for the stars. Don't wait for the "perfect conditions" because they don't exist. Get dirty and learn from your successes and mistakes. 

With just hours left of this year tell me about what did the year 2014 bring you? Change? Hope? Heartbreak? Share your experience in the comments below.