#15: Apartment Decorating: Our First Piece of Furniture

I've been in Jacksonville for almost a month and have been adjusting to the married life quite nicely. But there comes a time when you need more than love to cushion your bum while binging on Netflix. Upon our moving in, I'd immediately began scouting out nearby furniture stores and really didn't see anything that grabbed my attention.

The husband was adamant that leather was a definite no-go and I cringed at the thought of white or cream furniture. Too much upkeep AND we are both accident prone. I could see spaghetti stains within a week. Black for me is a bit too dark for such large pieces of furniture (unless paired with an insane amount of white walls, pillows, and natural lighting). Brown? Too much of a "That 70's Show" vibe.

Grey of course became the primary color of our palette and we considering a sectional style piece. Then about a week and half ago the hubby and I walked into Haverty's and there it was...the perfect couch!

The "Parker" Sectional

The "Parker" Sectional

There is just enough tuft so that it was classy without being too girly. The large pillows can be replaced with smaller decorative pillows and I can't wait to throw a white shaggy rug underneath. I was unsure about what the rest of the colors of the living room would be until I saw our sectional on the Haverty's website.

Ugh! Is this not elegance and simplicity wrapped up all nice and neat like a Taco Bell burrito?! Maybe not Taco Bell, but you get my drift.

I am all about that Zen, spa-like feel with clean lines and a play of textures. I can't wait to raid Kirkland's and Pier 1 Imports. Oh and don't let me get started on the D.I.Y. projects that are to come on thrifted finds.

Next big buy? Most likely a bed. We've been camping it out on an air mattress. Don't judge us! We are newlyweds and believe me it's comfortable and serves its purpose (wink, wink)!

Having once been afraid of interior decorating, I now think this may be an interesting challenge.